Colour Codes on Cards

Good to know: Understanding the different coloured states of domains

Available (green)

The domain is not currently registered and is open for anyone to register on a first-come, first-served basis.

Registered (grey)

Someone has already purchased the domain, and it is currently in use or reserved by the registrant.

For Sale (white)

The registered owner of the domain has put it on the market, often at a domain marketplace, indicating they are willing to transfer ownership for a price.

Grace Period (red)

After a domain expires (post-registration period), it enters a grace period where the original owner can still renew it before it’s released back to the public for registration.

Premium (orange)

After the grace period, the name is released for registration by anyone with a temporary premium which decreases over 21 days. The released name continues to resolve your ETH address until the new owner overwrites it.

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