Category Analytics

The analytics page on is a treasure trove of data for those delving into the dynamics of specific ENS/Web3 categories. This page offers a range of interactive charts and metrics, allowing users to gain a deeper understanding of market trends and ownership patterns.

Here's a glimpse of what you can explore:

Floor Price Trend

A critical metric for buyers and sellers, this chart tracks the evolution of the lowest available price for domains in the category, offering a snapshot of market accessibility and demand.

Depth Chart

A detailed representation of market depth, showing the range of buy and sell orders at different price points. This chart is invaluable for understanding market liquidity and price points at which significant buying or selling activities occur.

Total Sales

A comprehensive view of all sales transactions within the category over time. This data helps in understanding the category's market activity and growth trends.

Top Sales

Highlighting the highest-value sales in the category, this section showcases the most significant transactions and peaks in market value.

Top Owners

This chart displays the leading owners within the category, providing insights into the distribution of domain ownership and identifying key players in the space.

Owner Distribution

This insightful chart tracks the evolution of owner distribution within the category over a period of time. It provides a clear visual representation of how ownership has shifted, highlighting trends, surges, and changes in the landscape. This section offers a detailed perspective on the dynamic nature of the market, showcasing key moments and shifts in ownership patterns.

By navigating to the analytics tab of a category page users can access these powerful tools to make informed decisions and stay ahead in the dynamic world of ENS/Web3.

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