My.Box is proud to announce our partnership with .box domains. This collaboration introduces the innovative .box domain names to our platform, offering users a unique opportunity to secure blockchain-native, DNS routable domains. These .box domains represent the next step in internet evolution, seamlessly integrating the security and innovation of blockchain technology with the traditional domain name system (DNS). With, customers can discover and (soon) register .box domains, empowering their presence in the emerging Web3 space.

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Navigate to, and click on Search to start your bulk search.

To perform a bulk search, simply navigate to the 'Bulk Search' section, switch your search mode to 'Box', and then enter up to 250 names. Once entered, you can start searching for box domains efficiently.

Then click search to start the bulk search on .box names.

.box FAQ

What are .box domains?

.box is the first of it’s kind: one domain fully integrated with two technologies (Internet and Blockchain). .box domains work seamlessly with both the Domain Name System (DNS) and the Ethereum Name Service (ENS).

Why get a .box domain?

.box is a fully tokenized top level domain that is compatible with DNS and ENS. As such, .box is the logical answer for Decentralized Identity (DID). Every one of our domains instantly supports decentralized ownership and records management, payments, Web3 authentication, email, websites, and Web3 messaging.

How do .box domains use the L2 blockchain?

.box domains are deployed and traded on Optimism, a Layer 2 scaling solution, for faster transaction speeds and significantly reduced gas fees compared to mainnet Ethereum transactions.

Do .box domains integrate with ENS?

Yes, .box domains seamlessly integrate with ENS (Ethereum Name Service). They’re compatible with the ENS Resolver Contract and can support forward resolution. This refers to the process of translating a human-readable domain name, such as “”, into a machine-readable Ethereum address.

[COMING SOON] .box domains will also support Reverse Resolution via ENS.

How much are .box domain renewal fees?

Renewal pricing for all .box domains is $120 per year.

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