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What is Teller?

Teller is a non-custodial lending book that enables users to lend at above-market rates, borrow against any ERC20 (token) or ERC721 / ERC1155 (NFT), and build a history of onchain credit through loan repayments (and defaults). Teller is live on Ethereum and Polygon.

Teller’s core value propositions

  • Supply capital to collateralized loans. Earn yields above market rate.

  • Borrow against any crypto asset, without the liquidation risk.

  • Build onchain credit with each repayment.

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How to borrow on Teller?

Borrowers are able to leverage any crypto asset as collateral, both ERC20’s (tokens) and ERC721’s / ERC1155’s (NFTs), by requesting a custom loan or by borrowing from open liquidity “offers” based on deterministic requirements of collateral, credit, and identity.

How do loans on Teller work?

Loans on Teller can be constructed in an over-collateralized, under-collateralized, or no-collateral fashion, with a fixed duration, fixed APR, and no risk of collateral liquidation for the duration of a loan. Loans can be “offered” by liquidity providers, based on pre-set conditions, and “taken” by the borrower deterministically if the wallet meets the onchain criteria. In addition, loans can be “offered” by a borrower, who submits a custom loan request, and “taken” by a liquidity provider, who funds the loan.

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Teller on

Access comprehensive Loan Data for any ENS name through our dashboard.

Dive deep into the financial history and current loan standings of any ENS name with just a few clicks. Our dashboard provides you with an intuitive interface to seamlessly view both current and historical loan data. Whether you're conducting research or making informed decisions, all the information you need is readily available at your fingertips.

Check out info, such as the Duration of the loan and Status of the loan in the Activity bar.

Click on any loan, directing you to to borrow or lend using any ENS name.

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