Category Basics

Each category page on is a comprehensive hub for specific ENS/Web3 domains, offering detailed insights and up-to-date metrics.

Here's what you'll find on these pages.


  • Floor Price: The lowest price at which a domain within the category is currently available for purchase, giving a quick view of the entry-level market value.

  • Top Sale: Information about the highest sale price achieved within the category, showcasing the category's peak market value.

  • Owners: The number of unique owners of domains within the category, indicating the spread and diversity of ownership.

  • Items: The total number of domains listed under this category, reflecting the category's size and scope.

  • 24h Volume: The total volume of transactions that have occurred in the category over the past 24 hours, providing insight into recent market activity.

  • Total Volume: The cumulative volume of all transactions in this category since its inception, offering a sense of the category's overall market impact.

  • Top Offer: The highest current offer for a domain in this category, indicating the maximum willingness to pay by potential buyers.

  • Top Collection Offer: The highest offer made for a collection of domains within the category, useful for gauging interest in bulk purchases.

Switch to the Analytics Tab to check out the metrics mentioned above.


Additionally, the category pages offer interactive features:

Make a Collection Offer: Users can propose an offer for the specific collection, facilitating bulk deals.

Sweep the Floor: This feature allows users to purchase multiple domains at the floor price.

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