Bulk Register ENS

Bulk Register

After completing your Bulk Search and adding the names to the bulk registration cart by clicking the bag icon you are ready to bulk register multiple names (up to 50).

The bulk register tool saves large amounts of gas fees, time, and hassle.

If not done so already, you will be prompted to connect your wallet before continuing with your bulk registration. Supported wallets currently include all wallets that are featured by WalletConnect (over 300 supported Wallets)

Once you are connected to your wallet, simply click on the shopping cart in the upper right corner to open the Bulk Registration Cart.

Enter Registration Period

Enter the desired registration period. The registration period refers to the length of time for which a domain name is registered and actively owned by an individual or organization.

You can switch between Years and Months by clicking on the buttons.

Proceed by clicking the "Register Now" Button to continue the checkout process.

The Bulk Registration Modal will open, where you can still make changes to your names. F.E. Remove Names by clicking the X icon or edit the Registration Period.

Advanced Settings (Transfer Names to a different Wallet, Wrap Name or Set Resolver)

In the Bulk Registration Modal, there is a pop-up menu that allows you to directly send the registered names to a different wallet, set the resolver for the names, or wrap the names during the bulk registration process.

Open the pop-up menu by clicking on the "Advanced Settings" Button.

Enter the Wallet address if you want to send the names to a different wallet, or activate the check Buttons if you want to Set a Resolver or Wrap the Names in one go.

Start Registration Process

If everything is settled, proceed by clicking on the "Start" Button.

The registrar uses two transactions (commit and reveal) to register a name. It takes less than 5 minutes to register a name, including a 1-minute delay between the first and second transactions to prevent frontrunning.

  1. Clicking "Start" will prompt a wallet interaction. The first transaction is a commitment transaction set by ENS to prevent front running and costs a small gas fee to complete.

  1. After completing the commitment transaction a 60-second waiting period is required to ensure another person hasn’t tried to register the same name.

  1. Complete Registration is the last step before you own your newly registered names.

Where do I Find my newly registered Names?

You can see your names by clicking on your Profile Picture in the upper right corner and navigating to your Profile.

Your newly registered Names will now be shown in your Name Collection.

Gas Savings

Bulk Registration on Vision.io currently saves around ~40% gas usage over the ENS dApp.

(GAS usage with ENS dApp for one name: ~235,000 // GAS usage with Vision.io dApp for one name: ~150,000).

Our bulk register contract is using the ENS contract function register and not registerWithConfig() that the ENS dApp uses by default to mint names. registerWithConfig() sets the default resolver for a name in the same transaction. register() does not set the default resolver for a name in the same transaction.

What are the fees for using the bulk registration?

Vision.io bulk registration Fees:

3L - 20% of name cost

4L - 20% of name cost

5L - 20% of name cost

Vision.io Names Registered of Premium Auction:

1 % - of total cost (name base price + premium price)

Bulk Registration on Vision.io currently saves around ~40% gas usage over the ENS dApp.

These fees are charged to continue to provide support and new features at Vision.io.

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