Accept Offers

Offers are sent from buyers who are willing to buy an ENS with a specified price. As the seller, you can either accept the offer or just ignore it. You are responsible for paying the Ethereum network gas fees when accepting offers.

Make Offers

Engage in the dynamic marketplace by making offers on names that catch your interest. When you make an offer, you're proposing a purchase at a price you set. It's a direct way to express your interest in a specific domain. Remember, your offer is a commitment; if the seller accepts, you are expected to complete the transaction. Be mindful that making an offer may involve transaction fees as per Ethereum network standards.

Accept Offers on my names

You can view your offers received by clicking the Offers tab on your profile page and activating the "Incoming" Button.

Accept an Offer

To accept an offer on your item, simply click on the "Accept Offer" Button of the specific ENS name.

You will be asked to accept the offer with a preview of what you'll get.

You can also accept offers directly via the name page itself. Click the "Accept Offer" Button and the same Summary with the Preview of what you'll get will open.

Once you have accepted the offer by clicking the Accept Offer button, you will see a request pop up with two steps, Step 1: Approval and Step 2: Accept Offer.

Once you've approved the transaction, the request will automatically jump to Step 2 requesting the 2nd transaction. Note: The seller of the ENS (shuka.eth in this case) is responsible for paying the Ethereum Network gas fee when accepting the offer (from garrosh.eth in this example).

After the transaction is processed the ENS will be transferred to the buyer and the ETH will be deposited into your wallet. WETH is automatically converted to ETH during the accept offer transaction. Congratulations on the sale!

Make (bulk) Offers on Names

You can place offers by simply navigating to any profile. Click the quick "Make Offer" Button to place an offer one one specific name OR click "Offer" and select multiple names to place an offer on.

Or Bulk Offer on Multiple Names:

After clicking the "Offer" button, the multi-selection tool will be available. Simply click on all the names you want to place an offer on:

Proceed to place your bulk offers by clicking on the "Offer Items" button.

Set Offer for All / Set Duration for All

In this feature, you have the convenience of setting a uniform price and duration for all the names you wish to offer.

Choose 'Set Offer for All' or 'Select a Duration for All' to uniformly apply your specified price and duration across all selected names, streamlining the offer process.

Individual Offer / Duration on Names

Alternatively, you have the option to tailor your offers by entering unique prices and durations manually.

This can be done in the designated fields adjacent to each name, allowing for personalized adjustments according to your preferences.

Remove Names from Offers Panel

You can still remove offers on names in this step, by clicking the small X icon on the right side.

(Bulk) Place Offers

Click "Place Offer" to proceed.

Ensure you have the necessary amount of WETH estimated for the transaction in your wallet. Once you sign the transaction request, your offers will be promptly placed.

Where do I see the offers I place?

Navigate to your profile, click on the "Offers" tab and activate the "Outgoing" button by clicking on it.

Here you will see all the Bids you made on names.

Cancel an active offer

Offers will automatically expire after the duration is over. If you want to cancel an offer before it expires, you can cancel it by going to your profile - click the offers tab:

Click on the "Offers" tab and activate the "Outgoing" button by clicking on it.

To cancel an offer, click on the "Cancel Offer" button on the right side under Actions.

You will be prompted to confirm the cancellation and sign the transaction, which involves paying the necessary gas fee to effectively cancel the offer.

After signing the transaction, your bid will be cancelled.

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