Collection Offers

Setting up a collection offer can help you save time if you'd like to purchase an ENS from a collection but don't have a particular ENS in mind. You'll make a single offer that is valid for all ENS names in the collection as opposed to making offers on each ENS in the collection.

Keep in mind:

  • Collection Offers are paid in WETH.

  • Collection Offers apply to ENS names with various registration lengths/expiration dates.

  • Collection Offers can be cancelled anytime before they are accepted.

  • Collection Offers are set with an expiration time. Once the allotted time has passed, the offer will be cancelled.

  • Until a seller accepts your Collection Offer, the WETH does not leave your wallet.

If someone accepts your Collection Offer on one name, offers on all the other ENS names in the collection will be cancelled.

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