Subname Store

Let people mint a subname of your domain.

Start by navigating to your profile:

A pop-up menu will open, click on “view in manager” to proceed.

The Name will be opened on the name manager page.

To make your name submintable, click on the “edit config” button in the Sub Mint Config Bar.

In the Subname Configuration Menu, you have the option to set a Minting Fee.

This fee is the amount other users are required to pay you in order to mint a subname under your domain.

Alternatively, you can activate the 'Free Mint' option, allowing users to mint subnames at no cost.

Revoke Can Unwrap

Be careful: The 'Revoke Can Unwrap' toggle when enabled, ensures that the name is permanently tied to the current contract. This means that once you issue subnames, they cannot be revoked or deleted by switching back to an older contract version.

Proceed by clicking “set subname config”.

Another window will open, where you can make another check on the mint price you set for your subnames.

Continue by clicking “set subname config”.

The transaction consumes a gas fee on the Ethereum network.

Click “set controller” to initiate the transaction and sign with your wallet.

Where do I see the subnames?

To see your subnames simply switch to the “subname” tab on your name manager page.

Here you will see all minted subnames of your name:

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