Category Verification

Since categories have to meet certain criteria for verification, not all categories are eligible for getting granted a verification badge.

A blue checkmark badge next to the category image/ name means that the category has been verified for authenticity by

The Requirements for Verification

  • Legitimacy: The category does not maliciously or purposely misrepresent other categories/clubs, or soon-to-be categories/clubs, with the intent of misleading users for their own profit.

  • High Volume: Successfully achieved 150 ETH or more in cumulative all-time volume (excluding private sales).

  • Notability: Closely affiliated with a high-profile public figure/organization, or otherwise culturally relevant. (recognition value)

  • Community Activity: An identifiable Discord, Twitter, or Website with a verifiable amount of community activity.

  • Timeframe: The category/club needs to exist (again verified by Discord, Twitter, or Website community activity) for at least 4 weeks (28 days).

  • Normalization: All names in the category/club need to be normalized as of the latest implemented ENS DAO normalization rules.

Rejected Verification reserves the right to decline a verification for any reason(s) other than the mentioned criteria above.

Loss of Verification

If a category/club violates our Terms of Service or engages in conduct that would disqualify it from the verification eligibility, the category could lose the verified status.

Process of Verification automatically performs an eligibility check on all listed categories.

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