Bulk Search

  1. Search Multiple Names Simultaneously: Our Bulk Search feature allows you to search for multiple domain names at once, saving time and effort. This is particularly useful for users who are considering various domain options or need to manage multiple domains.

  2. Easy Integration of Long Lists: With the capability to copy and paste long lists of favourite names, the Bulk Search feature streamlines the process of checking domain availability. This is especially beneficial for businesses or individuals who have a comprehensive list of potential names and want to evaluate them quickly.

  3. Comprehensive Overview: The feature provides a clear and concise view of the status of each domain name. You can easily see which names are already registered, available for purchase, listed as premium, or in a grace period. This instant overview makes decision-making more efficient and informed.

To bulk search ENS names, click “search” (second entry in the navigation bar) on top of the page.

Navigate from "Simple Search", which is the traditional one-word search you already know to "Bulk Search" by simply clicking on it.

Enter the desired names you want to search or copy-paste your list into the bulk search field.

Load from File

You can also click the "Load from File" paperclip icon to load your names from a file. Supported files are:




If you want to only look up names with a specific prefix or suffix, enter them in the filter. You can also activate the checkmark for skipping the last vowel.

After clicking 'Search', the results will be displayed below.

Now, at a single glance, you can determine if names are registered (taken), available, or in a premium/grace period (read more about domain states here). Switch between the different tab options to fully filter the names based on their current status.

Input was Sanitized - Info Box

The 'Input was sanitized' info box indicates that all the names you've entered have been automatically converted to conform with the latest and current ENS normalization standards.

Add names to your "Bulk Registration" Bag

You can quickly add ENS names to your bulk register checkout or to your watchlist. To add it to your Bulk Registration Bag, simply click on the shopping bag item on the right side.

The names will be automatically added to your bulk registration cart, accessible via the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner. This icon also displays the number of names added to your cart.

To proceed with bulk registration, click on 'Bulk Registration' after clicking the shopping cart icon.

For further details, continue with the next FAQ entry on how to Bulk Register.

Add names to Watchlist

To add names to your Watchlist, simply click on the star icon.

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