Records in ENS provide a customizable and decentralized way to manage your online identity and presence. By setting up these records, you create a more cohesive and accessible digital identity, streamlining your interactions in the Web3 ecosystem.

Avatar Record

You can set an avatar for your ENS domain, which typically displays across compatible services and wallets. This can be an image representing your brand or personal identity in the digital space.

Social Media Records

ENS allows you to add your social media handles as records to your domain. This creates a reliable, blockchain-based method to link your ENS domain to your online social presence.

Address Records

Beyond just Ethereum addresses, ENS supports a variety of cryptocurrency address records. This means you can receive different types of cryptocurrencies directly to your .eth domain.

Text Records

These are flexible records for storing miscellaneous information like email addresses, descriptions, or other personal data linked to your ENS name.

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