Vision has joined forces with Clusters @clustersxyz (clusters.yxz) now live on

Clusters represents a groundbreaking step towards unifying the fragmented blockchain ecosystem. With Clusters, users can register a universal name that works across multiple blockchains and wallets, simplifying the way we interact with blockchain technologies.


Clusters is a universal namespace. All the blockchains, all your wallets, one name.

Clusters is different than existing services. It's one universal name that encompasses all the blockchains. It's different than ENS' .eth, SNS' .sol, Avvy's .avax, SpaceID's .bnb and .matic, or UnstoppableDomains using arbitrary conflicting TLDs. It embraces the multichain world.

A clusters name is suffixed with a trailing slash: /

So if I'm foobar, my clusters name is foobar/

All my wallets are then suffixed individually under this universal name, just like a website URL. My ethereum wallet could be foobar/eth, my solana wallet is foobar/sol, my bitcoin wallet is foobar/ordinals. I can also have multiple wallets on the same chain, for example foobar/defi and foobar/nfts can both be ethereum wallets. -> read more on

Protocol Mechanics

Clusters Beta launched in Feb 2024 focused on initial name distribution. Clusters Prod launch is targeted for Q2 2024 focused on security, cost, and protocol decentralization.

Beta Period

Weekly auctions ending at Friday 3pm ET, highest bid for each name locks it in and will be eligible to receive/create it on prod launch. Bids in the last 10 minute of any auction will extend the auction for that specific name by 10 more minutes. Losing bids will be refunded, though any bridge/gas fee will not be.

Boosted bids to incentivize certain activity. Let’s walk through an example. Suppose I bid 0.1 eth on foobar/. I am the first bidder, I link my twitter pfp, and I refer five friends who bid 0.5 eth in total.:

  • Core bid: 0.1

  • First bidder: +1x the bid amount, or +0.1

  • Link twitter pfp: +0.1x the bid amount, or +0.01

  • Referral bids: 1x their bids, or +0.5

Rollout and beta testing of javascript SDK and REST API. Third-party integrations can happen during the beta period without waiting for prod launch.

Prod Launch

First-come first-served name registration. Demand-based recurring pricing goes live. Users can receive/mint their beta names as onchain digital objects.

->

Clusters on Vision

You can bulk search for clusters and bulk bid on clusters on Here is a quick how to:

Navigate to, and click on Search or Clusters/ in the top menu, to start your bulk search.

Enter your desired names and switch from eth to clusters, below the search field. Then click search to start the bulk search on cluster names.

You will now see all available names to bid on below. They are highlighted with a green border, to make it even more easy.

Names with active offers will be highlighted orange, and you will have to switch to the Active Offers Tab to see the names with an active offer.

Taken names are highlighted in red, you can check them out by switching to the Taken tab.

Bulk Bid

To bulk bid on desired names, just click on the Bid icon below your search results.

You will now be able to multi-select names, by clicking on them.

If you are happy with your selection, simply click on the Bid on items Button below.

The Bulk Bid drawer will open and you are now able to either set a individual price for each name, or set one price for all names in your cart.

Click Bid, to initiate the bidding process.

Auction Finalization

Clusters Bids will finalize each Friday at 3 PM ET - After the auctions end, refunds will be sent to your wallet, if you did not win the name. Read the full details on the clusters/ Auction on their official documentation ⬇

Clusters FAQ:



Happy Bidding fam!

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