Vision Chat

Introducing Vision Chat - our latest innovation that we're thrilled to unveil! Engage in real-time conversations with fellow Vision users. Whether you're negotiating prices, seeking bespoke offers, or simply indulging in some friendly banter, Vision Chat is your go-to for connecting with the Vision community. Dive into the experience and discover the power of networking at your fingertips!

Enable XMTP Notifications

To receive chat notifications from others, you must first activate XMTP Notifications in your profile settings. This ensures you stay connected and never miss an important message.

Click on your profile in the upper right corner and navigate to "Settings".

In the Settings Panel, go to the "Notification Settings" and click on the CONNECT Button in the XMPT Bar.

Proceed by clicking "Connect" again:

You now have the option enabled to send and receive messages, facilitating seamless communication with others who have also activated this feature.

Start a Chat

You can start chatting via multiple ways explained below.

Open the Chat by clicking on the speech bubble icons next to your Profile in the upper right corner.

Easily add a new chat by clicking the + icon:

Enter your recipients .eth name or wallet address to start a new chat.

You can also start a chat by clicking the "Message Button" on their profile.

Or directly on the name page itself, next to the owner of the name.

Connect to Visionbot

Enhance your experience by subscribing to Visionbot, which provides real-time notifications on special offers and sales related to your names. Stay informed and never miss an opportunity with this convenient, up-to-the-minute update service.

To subscribe to our Bot, simply click on the pinned chat window on top:

Your Chat with the Visionbot will open, click on the "Subscribe to visionbot.eth" link to activate notifications on Offers/Sales.

Archive / Mark as Spam

Manage your chats by clicking on the three dots located on the right side of the chat interface.

This simple action gives you the option to either show the Profile of your Chat Partner, Archive Messages for future reference or Mark them as Spam, ensuring your chat experience remains organized and secure.

Security and Privacy

No Request for Private Information

The Vision team will never ask for your private keys, seed phrases, or any other sensitive personal information in the chat. These details are crucial to your security and should remain confidential.

Mark as Spam

Vision Chat prioritizes your security by requesting confirmation to verify the authenticity of each chat request. Should anything appear suspicious, we strongly advise you to mark the questionable message as spam. This proactive measure helps maintain a safe and trustworthy communication environment.

Never Share Sensitive Information

You should never share your private keys or seed phrases with anyone over Vision Chat or any other communication platform. Disclosing these details can compromise the security of your accounts.

Be Vigilant Against Scams

Always be cautious of scam attempts. Scammers may impersonate team members or use other deceptive tactics to gain access to your private information. Remember, legitimate team members will not ask for sensitive data.

Report Suspicious Activity

If you encounter any suspicious behaviour or requests for private information, please report it to us immediately. We are committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment for all users.

Stay Informed

Regularly visit our security and privacy resources provided here for updates on how to protect yourself online. Being informed is your best defense against scams and malicious activities.

Safety Reminder

Your security is our top priority. If you're unsure about any communication claiming to be from Vision, please contact our support team for verification.

🎉🥳 Happy Chatting!

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