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Vision has just released the Vision Subname Service (VSS), kicking things off with a bang by launching the highly anticipated degen.eth subs. This isn’t just another blockchain gimmick, it’s a game-changer in how we craft and flaunt our digital identities.

Subname Projects: Unlocking New Possibilities

Our Vision

Take, for instance, the example of 'paris.eth'. Through the ENS Subname Project, 'paris.eth' can create subdomains like ''. This not only allows individuals or entities to associate themselves with f.E: the Paris Hilton fan-community digitally but also paves the way for participation in various initiatives.

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You can browse through already launched Subname Projects, by clicking on "Rankings" and switching to the "Subnames" Tab.

Launch your Vision

Got a groundbreaking subdomain project idea? We'd love to hear it! Dream big and launch your very own subdomain project with VSS. VSS isn’t just a service, it’s your launchpad for ideas that make an impact across multiple Layer 2 & Layer 3 networks. Think of VSS as your digital identity stylist. It lets you create slick subdomains like “”, and it’s all built on top of ENS.

Tech That Powers Your Ideas Whether it’s on-chain solutions or off-chain needs through Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP), VSS covers all bases. Need a customized solution? We’ve got that covered too! Here, innovation isn’t just encouraged, it’s the norm.

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