Depending on the length of your ENS name there are three tiers for yearly renewals for ENS domains. Five characters or longer cost 5$/year, four character names cost $160/year, and three character names cost $640/year to register. Each time users wish to renew their ENS name they must pay an Ethereum gas fee to process the transaction.

What does it cost to register a .eth domain?

Registration fees are currently set at the following prices by the ENS registry:

  • 5+ character .eth names: $5 in ETH per year.

  • 4 character .eth names: $160 in ETH per year.

  • 3 character .eth names: $640 in ETH per year.

3 and 4 character names have higher pricing to reflect the limited availability of these names.

WARNING: Non-ASCII characters

Please be aware that some characters may or may not be supported to resolve by ENS.

Some characters look identical or similar to English letters, especially characters from Cyrillic and Greek. There are also traditional Chinese characters that can look identical or very similar to simplified variants.

Please verify the latest ENS documentation to confirm the characters you wish to register are resolvable.

WARNING: Malformed

What does the stop icon (⛔) next to a name indicate?

If you notice a stop icon (⛔) next to a displayed name within our platform, it serves as a cautionary alert. This warning signifies that the name does not conform to the latest ENS (Ethereum Name Service) normalization standards. Reasons for this might include the use of characters that are either not resolvable or displayable, or the inclusion of zero-width joiners, among other issues.

To assist you, Vision not only alerts you to this discrepancy but also suggests a normalized version of the name. Our goal is to ensure clarity and usability in line with current ENS protocols, enhancing your experience on our platform.

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