Set Avatar

Ready to refresh your profile with a new look? Want to add a unique personal touch to your ENS collection?

Setting an avatar makes you stand out! It's simple and easy to do! Just follow the steps below.

Set your avatar

Navigate to your profile

Navigate to the name you want to set your avatar, hover over the name and click on the 3 dots:

A pop-up menu will open, click on “view in manager” to proceed.

The Name will be opened on the name manager page. Here you can simply click on the pen icon (on the image itself in the upper right corner) and the Set Avatar Menu will open.

Click “upload image” and select the image from your device. Be sure that the image size is not bigger than 5 MB. (That is the current limit)

Crop image

You can now choose and crop the image with the cropper - you will also see a preview of your name on the right side:

If you are happy with your selection, simply click the “confirm” button to continue:

You will only have to pay the gas one-time setting your avatar the first time. You can change it as often as you want after the initial setup without paying gas.

Click Set Controller and sign the transaction with you wallet.

Image does not show up

Tip: If your new image is not instantly shown after you signed the transaction successfully, click on the arrows to initiate a metadata update by clicking on the arrows above your name.

Wait for 5 seconds, refresh your browser and you will see the new image.

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