Set Controller

Setting a controller in ENS involves designating an Ethereum address to manage your ENS domain. This controller has the authority to update or change the records associated with the domain, like Ethereum addresses, IPFS hashes, or text records. It's a way to delegate domain management while retaining ownership.

Important: Remember, the owner of an ENS domain can always change or revoke a controller's permissions. Choose your controller carefully, as they'll have significant control over your domain's settings and linked records.

Set Controller

To set the controller of your name, start by navigating to your profile.

Navigate to the name you want to set the controller, hover over the name and click on the 3 dots:

After clicking the "View in Manager" button, you will be redirected to the name manager page.

Here you can simply click on the set controller button.

A pop-up menu will open, where you can decide if you want to set yourself as the controller or if you want to set someone else's address/.eth name as the controller.

Proceed by clicking on “set controller”.

The transaction consumes a gas fee on the Ethereum network.

Click “set controller” to initiate the transaction and sign with your wallet.

You should see the updated controller address now next to the controller field on your name page:

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