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Understanding 'Set Primary' in ENS and Its Advantages

What Does 'Set Primary' Mean in ENS?

In the Ethereum Name Service (ENS), setting a primary name refers to the action of selecting one of your ENS names as your main identifier. This primary ENS name becomes the default name associated with your Ethereum address.

It's like choosing a preferred name from your collection that best represents your identity or brand in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Benefits of Setting a Primary ENS Name:

Unified Identity

Setting a primary ENS name helps in creating a consistent and recognizable identity across various dApps and Ethereum-based platforms. It simplifies how you're seen and interacted with in the decentralized space.

Ease of Transactions

By having a primary ENS name, your Ethereum address becomes more user-friendly. Instead of sharing a long alphanumeric address, you can provide your easily-remembered .eth name, making transactions smoother and less prone to errors.

Send 3ETH to 0xab872e1....caa6a


“Just send the 3 ETH to shuka.eth! (don’t send me money, this is an example)

Branding and Personalization

For individuals and businesses, a primary ENS name is a branding tool. It allows you to establish a unique presence within the Ethereum network, enhancing recognition and trust. (f.E. as a decentralized Link In Bio, easily set up with )

Simplified Management

Having a primary name makes it easier to manage your interactions and contracts within the Ethereum ecosystem, as it centralizes your activities under one main name.

➡️ How to set your primary name - Step by Step

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