Set Records

Records in ENS provide a customizable and decentralized way to manage your online identity and presence. You can easily set records to your name, as f.E.:

  • Address Records

  • Text Records

  • Social Media Records

Full Video Tutorial

How to Set Your Records

Start by navigating to your profile.

Navigate to the name you want to set your records, hover over the name and click on the 3 dots:

A pop-up menu will open, click on “view in manager” to proceed.

The Name will be opened on the name manager page. Click on the “edit” button in the second tab, called "records":

When you access the 'Set Records' menu, a pop-up window will appear, offering various fields where you can enter your social media handles, email, address, personal details, or even a custom message.

Important: Please remember that all information you enter here becomes public. Choose carefully what you wish to share with the world and avoid disclosing any sensitive information.

Email & Socials

Switch between the tabs to see all available options you can set. F.E. Addresses.


Personal Information

Custom Records

Once you have entered all the data you want to add, click on “save” to proceed.

A summary of your changes will be displayed for review, allowing you to double-check and confirm the accuracy of the information you've entered:

If everything is correct, proceed by clicking “confirm”. The transaction consumes a gas fee on the Ethereum network. Click “set controller” to initiate the transaction and sign with your wallet.

View Records

You will be able to view your records by expanding the Public Records, click on the small arrow next to the refresh button, to expand the bar.

You can also view your records directly on your profile:

Records don't show up?

Tip: If your changes are not instantly shown after you signed the transaction successfully, click on the arrows to initiate a metadata update by clicking on the arrows next to the "Edit Records" Button.

Wait for 5 seconds, refresh your browser and you will see your new changes/ new records.

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