EFP - Ethereum Follow Protocol

Ethereum Follow Protocol (EFP) is a native Ethereum protocol for following and tagging Ethereum accounts.

We're Proudly Announcing Our Partnership with Ethereum Follow Protocol (EFP)

Get ready for an innovative feature on Vision! We have partnered with Ethereum Follow Protocol (EFP), a cutting-edge Ethereum protocol designed for following and tagging Ethereum accounts. This collaboration is set to enhance your Vision experience significantly.

Soon, you'll have the ability to follow your friends and connections directly via EFP on Vision. This integration not only streamlines your social interactions within the Ethereum community but also enriches your networking experience on our platform.

Stay tuned for more updates as we roll out this exciting new feature!

Meanwhile, check out these Links to learn more:

💕 EFP - Ethereum Follow Protocol

EFP - Twitter

💬 EFP Discord

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